Saturday, 31 December 2011

Do you want to be a Master?

...of Arts that is.  I'm currently on the fence about this whole furthering my education business.

I have always loved school: I got to learn interesting things, spend time with people I would not have otherwise met, and being a good student came fairly easy. But now that I'm finishing my BA and seriously looking at what the future may hold, I am wondering - will an MA in English get me any farther?  Will a Creative Writing degree make me a better writer or put me into an even more rigid box of thinking?  What does God have in store for me?  It's all a big mystery.  I have so much on the go where I am right now, leaving for two years would be incredibly difficult.

So yes, I'm on the fence.

But I did learn, in Canada, for a MA in Creative Writing, one must go to UBC, or the U of C and write the English MA thesis as a Creative piece. Hmmm...

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