Monday, 23 January 2012

Punks! And Directing! And Charles Dickens!

In a mood of a free night, I wrote this evening into the conclusion of the one act I've been working on, called (for now) "The Styx".  It's now an awkward calf finding its feet, and still requires more strength and consistency in the dialogue.  One of the characters, Monk, has also become more of a Christ figure than I originally intended.  However, I'm just excited to have it all down.  Editing will be fun.

My process is so weird: I just write whatever, and whatever comes is what I work with.  Which makes the concept aspect of the story difficult to suss out sometimes for myself as the writer as well as the reader.  But having studied so many works by authours, it is completely usual, and logical, for writers to have themes and character types and even subject matter which is common to all their writings.  Because if creative works are a response by an individual or group to the internal and external environment in which they live, it makes complete sense for there to be unity between all the work composed by said individual.  And maybe that's why I struggle so much, because I feel unoriginal for drawing off my own response, and at times fearing what that response looks like and how it is received.  So, I'm going to try to just write as myself, and accept my own poetic feelings as a valid way to tell a story.