Wednesday, 1 February 2012

an observation

Wearing a brown blue-collared jacket and heavy workboots, the eagle man told the blue-eyed baseball capped boy how he had won a knife fight in Churchill Square.  He motioned with his hand, a wide swipe across with a keen smile at the finish...

That's what I imagined, anyway, watching the odd pair on the train, exchanging dialogue as if it were free between such disparate members of society.  I made up my mind they couldn't be related; yet, how did they come to know each other - a friend from his father's old days, a church event, neighbours.  The ride on the same train every day.  The man follows his basketball team.  An uncle. A kid without guidance.  A man without means.  They're in it together.  They've never been apart. They are the antithesis of Oligarchy.  They are proof that Jesus wasn't wrong.

That's what I imagined, anyway.

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