Sunday, 12 August 2012

When Words Collide: Part the Second

Thought I'd blog while I wait for the Absinthe to wear off.

It's been a happening day here at When Words Collide, though sadly, Jack Whyte was no longer in attendance.  But there were amazing panelists, active discussions, and some pretty fun partying afterwards.  The day began with another Live Action Slush, which my friend Michelle and I both attended, and both had a page of our writing read out anonymously.  Something unexpected and amazing happened which editor from Penguin Canada gave me her card.  Wow.  She asked me to send her a pitch when I had a finished novel.  Wow again.  Pretty much, I was freaking out inside my head.  However, the excitement settled down when I realized what this meant: a lot of time, and a lot of work.  Because, like Kevin Anderson said during his keynote address and buildungsroman session, writing isn't something you can shortcut - it's a serious undertaking that requires dedication.  So,what this means is... no more free time for me.  Sorry friends. Can't hang out today: I have to write a novel.

But I like being around people too much to become a complete hermit!  It's been wonderful being a part of this conference, the energy and the quirky atmosphere set off by all the writers, editors, publishers is intrusive, it gets under your skin and makes you wonder why you've stopped working on projects that are integral to your creative identity.

What else happened today...Michelle and I attended sessions on 100 years of planetary romance, wilderness survival, criminals and Canadian murder mysteries, grammar usage and abusage in our society today, the Aurora Awards (congrats to EDGE Publishing and Robert J. Sawyer's novel Wonder for picking up awards in the best short fiction and best novel category)...

The "party rooms" were on the fifth floor, running from 9pm to late.  We first hung out in the EDGE room, the walls covered in sticky notes next to thought-provoking questions ("What's something on your bucket list?" "What would be your Erotica pen name? - determine by adding your favourite colour to the last thing you ate").   The Steampunk party room, hosted by Calgary's Steampunk collective, held many interesting people dressed in waistcoats and top hats, goggles, corsets, Victorian dresses with leather chokers.  And if you know anything about Steampunk society, you would know that it was one of these people who poured me a shot of Absinthe and slowly poured ice cold water over a spoon holding a sugar cube until the mixture was cloudy.  Tasted a bit reminiscent of licorice.

Only one more day left...

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  1. ha...don't get many opportunities to start a blog post with that opening line, hey? :)