Wednesday, 20 February 2013

life is like a patchwork quilt...

Sometimes, I feel like I am a divided person!  I spend half my week working as a barista, pouring espresso shots and communicating through a headset with customers and co-workers alike.  The other half I spend in a university theatre stage managing for a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  My free time is split between meeting with friends and meeting new people - and in the midst of it all, I somehow have time to write.

A huge milestone for my writing this past month was finishing the first draft of my novel.  It was a challenging and exciting experience.  When I had written the finishing sentence, I sat back and thought, so that's what it feels like.  The revising process has been surprisingly pleasant - I find it a lot easier to pick out bad writing from good ideas when it's in front of me.  Reading Hemingway has been a good motivator for digging deeper for good prose and not settling for anything that is not full of truth.

I hope to have a completed version of my novel ready to send to a publisher by the end of the summer, exactly a year after I began this adventure.  And then, who knows what pieces will be worked into my life after that!