Friday, 26 April 2013

Fall Plans

Guess who's going to Windsor for a master's in creative writing? (:

Friday, 12 April 2013

Early Start

It seems I've jumped the gun a bit in my well-organized novel development plan.  Having finished my second draft, I was thinking, hmm, maybe I should send off a query letter, just to put my name out there, and then BAM! Hello, we'd like to read your novel now. I'm freaking out, and trying to format the text properly, and thinking back to my English degree, when this would be me and a Paradise Lost paper in the library an hour before class.

I sat down to my computer at 11:00am and made it my goal to finish updating the draft before noon, so the publisher would return from her lunch break, sit at her desk and see my prompt and well-formatted e-mail at the top of her inbox. It didn't go off that cleanly, however. The table of contents hindered my progress and it was closer to 12:30 when I sent it off, all read over, a couple grammar mistakes fixed. I realized at the end of chapter eleven that this novel is the first in a series. Darn it.

And now it's in her inbox, and maybe she's reading it, and maybe she's thinking, ah, what a kid, what is this stuff? It's sentimental and unfulfilled. And then Hemingway will lean over her shoulder with a short glass of red wine in his hand and read a paragraph, and scoff over to Dostoevsky sitting all dark and sombre in the corner of the room. Mary Shelley, picking moss out of her hair, will shake her head and Charlotte Bronte will smile in a close secret way.  I'll get my first rejection slip all signed and marked over with dead authours' names, and I'll put the story away in a drawer...

Ah, waiting is the worst...