Friday, 11 October 2013

grocery list

All you people who worry that I'm not eating properly, look what I picked up at the store today!

*1 jar of organic peanut butter
*1 loaf of whole wheat bread
*1 container of organic honey
*1 carton of brown eggs
*1 box of almond granola bars
*1 can of condensed vegetable soup
*1 container of margarine made with olive oil
*1 can of tuna
*1 small block of orange cheddar
*1 tetra pack of almond milk

I had a grilled cheese sandwich and tea for dinner, which was the best. And if you're worried now because I don't have any fresh vegetables or fruit on that list, I am going to the farmer's market tomorrow. Okay? Okay mom?

Though...I am still lacking cookies.

1 comment:

  1. Not too bad ... perhaps I would exchange the margarine for olive oil or butter, but over all not too bad.