Friday, 6 February 2015

Hardcover on the radio

An e-mail appeared in the midst of my crazy grad school day, and almost without thinking, excitement gripping me, I responded.

It was from the volunteer coordinator at CJAM 99.1 FM. Looking for people to host a program on creative writing and literature. Oh man! I thought. I've always had radio in the back of my mind. Someone once said I had a good radio voice, and ever since, I've thought, maybe, one day.

And that day has come! Peter is a wizard when it comes to radio production, so it only makes sense that we're working on our new program, Hardcover, together!

So far it's been new and fun and full of growth for me. We hosted our first interview, and are just waiting back to hear from the station.

If our demo's accepted, we'll be doing a weekly episode on CJAM, so if you're in the Windsor-Detroit area, or you want to tune in online, you should definitely check us out!

This also would mean that my blog will be taking a hiatus, as I'll be writing for the Hardcover blog page! About books and literature and similar things to what I've been writing about here!

Thanks for reading!